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Dolce & Gabbana

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Wed, 20th of August
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Wed, 20th of August

Survey #129 : 15 sections, 5 questions


[1] You;
1. Most people call you?: cherry, terka, teri, tery bery
2. When’s your birthday?: january 29th
3. Is your current hair color your natural hair color?: yes
4. What are you complimented on most?: um, my hair and confidence (which is kind of a joke but ok people)
5. What do you do for fun?: hang out with friends, read, watch things, write and paint i guess

[2] Family;
1. Are your parents still together?: yes
2. How old are your siblings, if you have any?: 21
4. Do you have the same name as one of your relatives?: no. which is weird cos my name is like the most popular girl name in my country.
5. How many letters are there in your last name?: 9

[3] Friends;
1. Do you have a lot of friends?: i guess yes
2. What do you guys do when you’re together?: talk about things, do crazy shit, play games, drink. also go for a coffee.
3. Have you ever lost a friend because of something stupid?: yes
4. Have you made any new friends this year?: yes yes
5. Who’s the last friend you hung out with?: adam

[4] Your Best Friend;
1. How’d you meet him/her?: oh. she went on a summer camp with a group of my friends and they said we’re totally alike and then at a random festival we met by accident and instantly hit it off
2. Do you live near eachother?: no
3. How long have you been best friends?: 2 years
4. Do you tell him/her everything?: almost? i don’t tell anyone everything
5. Would you do anything for them?: yes.

[5] Boyfriend/Girlfriend; (Skip if single…) this is dubious because i’m planning a breakup and we’re on a break right now
1. How long have you liked this person?: a few months i guess
2. How long have you been going out?: a few months i guess
3. Who asked who out?: he asked me
4. Do you love him/her?: no.
5. Do you think you’ll be together forever?: haha. no.

[6] Single Life;
1. How long have you been single?: on and off for a long time
2. Who ended your last relationship?: i did
3. Do you wish you were in a relationship?: i wish i was in a relationship that would actually satisfy me? i just don’t seem to find the right guys
4. As of today, do you like anyone?: i do. but it’s not something that has a chance.
5. If so, do you think it’ll go anywhere?: not. a. chance.

[7] Who’s;
1. A person you’d travel across the country to see?: like basically anyone that means something to me
2. Someone you would do anything for?: my friends. my family.
3. Someone you’d die for?: would i really? i might be just too selfish for that
4. A person you’ve known for your entire life?: my family, my (best kind of) friend katherine

[8] Have You Ever;
1. Sang a solo in front of a large audience?: ya
2. Been in trouble with the cops?: ya
3. Got a tattoo?: no but i am planning on that just you wait
4. Kicked a guy in the junk?: ya
5. Pretended to be happy?: always

[9] Do You Believe;
1. In God?: no
2. In Satan?: no
3. That everything happens for a reason?: i don’t really know tbh
4. In love at first sight?: yes and no? but mostly no, because attraction on first sight is a thing, while love requires time and effort
5. That there’s such a thing as true love?: yes

[10] School;
1. What grade are you in?: well, czech educational system is weird and we go everywhere late, but im like two years before university
2. Do you get good grades?: hell yes and proud of it
3. Are you the teacher’s pet?: nah
4. Have you ever been sent to the principal’s office?: …yes
5. Do you plan on going to college?: yes

[11] Work; (Skip if you don’t have a job…) student jobs hallelujah
1. How long have you been working at your job?: like two or three years
2. What do you do there?: i am basically the cleaning lady. what a great job right
3. What’s your favorite part about it?: only that i get alone time to think
4. Is your boss a pain in the ass?: nah he’s chill
5. Do you think you’ll work there your entire life?: oh hell no

[12] Pets;
1. What was your first pet’s name?: i never had one.
2. Do you currently have any pets?: do plants count
3. Do you always remember to feed/water them?: fuck
4. Have you ever had a pet fish?: my brother did and they died

[13] Last Time You…;
1. Told someone you loved them?: a few weeks back
2. Had sex?: shhh personal
3. Drove a car?: never
4. Went to Burger King?: like a few months ago
5. Made someone cry?: oh. i don’t know but i think this month is a safe bet.

[14] Yesterday;
1. What did you do?: had the hour marathon with my friends, went for a coffee, laughed hysterically on the floor for two hours because it was two am and me and my friends were cracking terrible jokes, cooked dinner with my brother and his girlfriend, had a lenghty call with my best friend and idk i guess that might be all
2. Was it a good day?: it was nice yeah
3. Did hang out with any friends?: all day every day
4. Did you get in any trouble?: exceptionally, no
5. Was it better than today?: well, how should i know? ill know at the end of this day, but mostly i don’t compare this

[15] Today;
1. What day is it?: wednesday
2. Did you do anything fun?: im going to! and i also had, because mornings with friends who slept over are nice
3. Did you have to work?: nah thank god
4. Where did you go?: im going to the cinema to see the guardians of the galaxy and also meet up with friends
5. What are you doing tonight?: i have no plans but a free flat which means my friends probably have plans so we’ll see

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Mon, 18th of August


"quickly!" cry the police. "the key to defusing the bomb is an encyclopaedic knowledge of les miserables!" "finally," i say, standing. "my time has come."

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More tea, vicar?

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❝ I get drunk with the idea that you’ll actually fall in love with me. ❞
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me in junior high school: how do gay people find other gay people?
me in college: do i know any heterosexuals
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I’ve never loved anyone the way I loved you.

Me too. Now we know how.

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